Mgr. Jaromír Krejčí, Ph.D.




   J. Krejčí, Egyptologist with experience in archaeological work in Egypt. He takes part in the archaeological excavations in Egypt since 1991; since 1993 member of the Czech Institute of Egyptology. In his works, he specializes in solving of the problems of Egyptian Archaeology and History of the 3rd and 2nd Mill. BC., generally, he also concentrates on the development of Egyptian Architecture. In this connection, he surveys the possibilities of three-dimensional computer visualisations of ancient Egyptian monuments. He has some lecturing experiences at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and at the Faculty of Music, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. He also lectures in the Czech Republic and abroad for the specialists and the general audience as well. He is member of the International Association of Egyptologists.


Selected bibliography

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See also http://www.ff.cuni.cz/win/~krejci/staff/krejci.html