Doc. PhDr. Ladislav Bareš, CSc. (director of CNCE)




   L. Bareš, an Egyptologist with many years of experience in archaeological and epigraphical work in Egypt, counts among the most experienced members of the team. Since 1974, he takes part in the excavations in Egypt, in the position of the Deputy Director of the mission since 1988. In his works, he specializes in Egyptian Archaeology and History of the 1st. Mill. B.C., also in connection with the study of Egyptian religion. He has written about the history of the Czech Egyptology as well. He reads Egyptology at the Charles University in Prague, lecturing in the Czech Republic and abroad for specialists and for the more general public as well. He is member of several international Egyptological societies.


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See also:  http://www.ff.cuni.cz/win/~krejci/staff/bares.html