guidelines for written contributions



I. Format of the manuscript

1. Contributors should submit one copy of their manuscripts and the text on a floppy disk. Manuscripts can be submitted in any standard Windows word processing format, preferably in Word­Perfect, WinWord or ASCII (Text Only) version. On the Macintosh in Microsoft Word only.

2. Contributions should be printed out on one side of the paper sheets – A4 (21x29.7 cm) or letter (8,5x11 in), double spaced.

3. Corrections to the manuscript should also be added to the text, please note the changes in the margins as well.

4. Do not hyphenate at the end of lines. You can, however, use hyphens in you manuscript to indicate compound words

5. Basic font: Times New Roman 12 both for text and footnotes. Use of more fonts should be avoided. If the use of more fonts is necessary, please, specify all used fonts. If there is a need for the use of some special font, please note that in such a case you have to supply this font together with its mapping (print-out).

6. Contributions in English, German and French only will be accepted.

7. The contribution should not exceed 20 pages (4,000 words).



II. Abbreviations

Abbreviations should follow the rules of Lexikon der Ägyptologie (ed. by W. Helck, E. Otto and W. Westendorf, Wiesbaden 1975-1986) and Journal of Near Eastern Studies. Special abbreviations should be explained.



III. Bibliographic citations

The structure and form of bibliographic citations according to Journal of Near Eastern Studies.



IV. Illustrations, tables, figures

1. Illustrative materials should be included only in so far as they are absolutely indispensable for the correct understanding of the text.

2. Diagrams, charts, maps, plans and other line illustrations should be submitted in a form suitable for direct reproduction (A4 and smaller).

3. Halftone illustrations should be submitted in the form of glossy black-and-white photographs and should be ready for direct reproduction. The number of b&w photographs should not exceed four. Colour photographs can be accepted in limited number only. If more photographs are indispensable, contact the editors.

4. The approximate positions of illustrations should be clearly indicated in the margins of the manuscript. Ideally, they should be assembled at the end of the text.

5. Authors of articles containing large numbers of tables should submit these tables in a form suitable for direct reproduction.



V. Proofs and Offprints

Authors will receive first proofs for reading. Second proofs are usually read by the editors alone. Authors of articles are entitled to 20 complimentary off-prints and one copy of the publication.


Please, send the manuscripts to the following address:

Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology Proceedings
M. Verner, M. Bárta
Czech Institute of Egyptology
Celetná 20
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic


Deadline for submission of manuscripts  - July  31, 2004




(last change 19/04/2004)
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